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2022 welcomed old and new faces back to Halifax Agricultural Show from near and far. With a total of 74 head of cattle it was nice to break back in after an absence of 2 years. This year we have expanded the schedule with 6 new breeds for 2023, along with the existing classes from 2022. We are looking forward to seeing you all this year and hope it will be one to remember!

Once again, we will be having a 450ft open sided marquee as it offers more space between the lines of cattle. These will provide comfort and shelter no matter the weather.

We are able to offer incredible prize money in all cattle classes. There will also be ample provision of straw, water, electric and milking facilities. Due to popular demand, we will once again be having a buffet lunch in the secretary’s tent for the exhibitors and judges, and a jet wash and water tub for the cattle.

We are always keeping our eyes open for new ways to improve our classes and competitions. We take great delight in putting together such show spectacles as the Baby Beef class and the Pairs class, where we encourage exhibitors to work together. We then try our best to educate the public and make them feel part of the show. This keeps them hooked to the side of our cattle rings all day.

We are proud of The Halifax Agricultural Show and the work that we do and take great pleasure in providing such a wonderful experience for both the exhibitors and the public. So come and join us to make this year even better than last!

Dean Fleming, Halifax Show President & Cattle Secretary

2022 Show Supreme Champion:
Clifftown Naughty But Nice from Dylan Townend and Nicky Midgley

2022 Supreme Champion


Cattle Section Secretary:
Mr Dean Fleming
07960 758400




  1. Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance.
  2. The recording of movements to the show is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  3. Bulls must be handled in accordance with HSE Guidance – Notes GS36 ‘safe custody of bulls at agricultural shows’ e.g. – all bulls to have two handlers. All bulls over the age of 10 months to be ringed or led by bulldogs.
  4. Straw, electricity points, water and milking facilities will be provided.
  5. Cattle may arrive the day before, after 5pm.
  6. Cattle to be on the show ground by 9:00am on the day of show and cannot leave the show ground until after the Grand Parade.
  7. Cattle must be tethered at the Society’s standing.
  8. The Society reserves the right to Create or Amalgamate classes depending on entries.
  9. Prize money shall be allocated as follows: 1st place: £30, 2nd place: £20, 3rd place: £15
  10. Any breed class with six or more entries will have an additional prize of 4th Place: £10
  11. Prize money for Young Handlers classes will be allocated as follows: 1st place: £15, 2nd place: £10, 3rd place: £5
  12. Champions, reserve champions and 1st prize winners in all cattle sections will be required to take part in the grand parade. All prize winners are invited to take part if they wish.



  1. The cross must be given on the entry form (name of breed sired first). If a Pure Bred animal is entered in this section, it must not be entered into any other classes i.e. its respective breed section.
  2. An animal may not be entered into more than one class, with the exception of the Pairs class, open to all cattle irrespective of breed.
  3. All animals must be double tagged. These will be checked at the show against the entry form.
  4. Bullocks must be castrated to the satisfaction of the stewards.
  5. Heifers must be guaranteed free of calf.
  6. If the conditions of entry are not upheld, the prize money will be forfeited.
  7. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Cattle Secretary shall be final.


Championships are open to all first placed exhibits in the breed’s classes. Then, once the Champion has been determined, the second place exhibit from the Champions’ class may enter the ring to determine Reserve Champion.


Commercial Beef 8 9:30am
British Limousin 7 9:30am
British Blues 7 To follow Limousin
British Parthenais 7 To follow Blues
British Blondes 6 9:30am
British Simmental 6 To follow Blondes
Any Other Continental 6 To follow Simmental
Interbreed Continental Championship 6 12:30pm
Dexter 5 9:30am
Beef Shorthorn 5 To follow Dexter
Longhorn 5 To follow Beef Shorthorn
Highland 4 9:30am
Belted Galloway 4 To follow Highland
Any Other Native or Rare Breeds 4 To follow Belted Galloway
Aberdeen Angus 3 9:30am
Hereford 3 To follow Aberdeen Angus
Interbreed Native Championship 4 12:30pm
Supreme Beef Championship 5 13:00pm
Holstein Freisian 1 9:30am
Dairy Shorthorn 1 To follow Holstein
Ayrshire 2 9:30am
Jersey 2 To follow Ayrshire
Any Other Dairy Breed 2 To follow Jersey
Supreme Dairy Championship 2 12:00pm
Young Handlers – Dairy 2 12:30pm
Young Handlers – Beef 4 13:30pm
All Breeds Pairs 4, 5 & 6 14:30pm
Interbreed Baby Beef 4 & 5 14:00pm
Show Supreme Championship 4 & 5 To follow Supreme Beef

*** Grand Parade shall follow Show Supreme Championship ***