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Horse & Donkey

Please see below for schedule and entry form for the show in 2024! All enquiries to the secretary:

Equine Section Secretary:
Sarah Mangham
07533 544771

The Halifax Show Horse Section wishes to thank all sponsors and donors of prizes for their continued interest and support.

Also a big thank you goes to the horse section stewards and ring runners without whom we cannot operate.

Please be aware there will be a lunchbreak in each ring, determined by the relevant judge.


Halifax Agricultural Show Equestrian Rules of Entry

  1. 1st prize money will only be awarded in classes with up to 4 entries. 1st & 2nd prize money will be awarded in classes with 5 – 8 entries, 1st 2nd & 3rd prize money will be awarded in classes with 9 or more entries. All prize money MUST be collected on day of the show or will be forfeit.
  2. Only Horseboxes and Cars towing trailers will be allowed into the horse parking area. Judges & Stewards will have a designated parking area next to the Equine entry tent.
  3. Entries open 1st May 2024 accepted by post or BACS payment online – see Entry form for full details. Pre Entries close at 3pm on the day before the show – Friday 09th August 2024.
  4. Competitor first aid must be paid for when submitting entries.
  5. Grooms passes will be issued at 1 per horse/pony/donkey entered. All competitors will automatically receive a pass. Further wrist bands can be purchased when submitting entries. – See entry form for details.
  6. The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damage, injury or accident to spectators, exhibitors, riders or their property as a result of attending this show. Please take appropriate care to prevent such accident or loss to yourselves and others. All competitors must hold suitable Public Liability insurance and a valid equine passport.
  7. Equine Influenza – all animals to have received an annual vaccination within 12 months of the show or if have had to start a new course proof of the 1st & 2nd vaccinations will be required.
  8. Riders must wear up to date hard hats secured with a chin strap. Hats which bear EN1384 or BSEN1384 along with another accepted standard, will be permitted. For example, BSEN1384 & PAS015 (2011) along with the Kitemark or Inspec IC mark will be acceptable, but not BSEN1384 on its own. This also applies to handlers 15 years and under.
  9. Riders must the correct size for the horse/pony and the correct age for the class they wish to compete in. Anyone riding on the showground must be eligible to compete the horse/pony in the class being warmed up for.
  10. No persons other than the exhibitor, handler, judges and stewards are allowed into the rings.
  11. No horse/pony under 4yrs will be allowed to compete in any ridden class.
  12. No exercising of horses or ponies in the parking area. Please use the designated collecting ring only. No cantering/galloping outside of the competition rings. No lunging anywhere on the showground.
  13. Age for horse/pony and rider as of 1st January 2024.
  14. All stallions and colts should be suitably bitted and handled by persons 16 yrs. and over.
  15. The organiser’s reserve the right to divide, amalgamate or cancel any classes should entries warrant it.
  16. If an entry is late for a class, due to competing in another ring, the judge may wait 5 mins, or allow late entry to the ring, entirely at his/her own discretion. No refunds will be made.
  17. The Judge’s decision is final. Any formal objections should be made in writing (official form available from the Secretary’s marquee) and handed to the Secretary, accompanied by a deposit of £20, before leaving the show. The deposit will be refunded if the objection is upheld. You will be notified of the decision by post.
  18. No horse/pony to be left unattended tied outside a horsebox/trailer.
  19. No mucking out on the showground and please take all litter home with you.
  20. Mistreatment of any animal on the Showground will not be tolerated. The organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.
  21. By entering any class you agree to abide by the rules above. The above rules are additional to the general show rules.
  22. Refunds of class entry fees is at the discretion of the Equine secretary.