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Horticulture Schedule

Vegetables and Flowers

Secretary: Rachel Sharman
Email: horticulture@halifaxshow.uk

John Smiles – Vegetables
Paul Neve – Flowers and Floral Art

Rules and Information for Exhibitors


1. ALL entry forms for competitive and non-competitive exhibits must be received by the Secretary no later than Friday 11th August 2023. These can be posted or emailed to the Secretary in advance (helpful for planning space) or brought to the Horticulture Tent with exhibits on Friday 11th August. No entries will be admitted without a completed entry form.

2. A new policy of ‘no fee – no prize money’ applies, to encourage participation and streamline administration. This applies to all classes. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Special Prize winners will still receive award cards/certificates in the usual way. Vouchers from local sponsors will be offered to Frist Prize winners, where available.

3. In certain classes (identified below), trophies will be awarded. These remain the property of the The Halifax Agricultural Society Ltd. and should be returned to the Secretary the following year.

4. Any trophies awarded to successful exhibitors in previous years should be returned to the Secretary this year. These are the property of The Halifax Agricultural Society Ltd.

5. No entries will be allowed on Show Day. All exhibits must be brought to the Horticulture Tent with entry forms on Friday 11th August between 1.00pm – 8.30pm.

6. Class tickets will be supplied. Exhibitors will be responsible for placing them by their exhibits.

7. Trays and stands must be supplied by the exhibitor. However, show vases will be available for flower exhibits. Exhibitor’s own vases will be allowed in Section C.

8. Access to the Horticulture Tent will be given to those wishing to check the staging of their entries between 7.00am – 8.00am on the day of the Show, Saturday 12th August. No new entries will be accepted at this time. All exhibitors must vacate the tent by 8.00am so that judging may commence promptly.

9. The show is protected by a Security Guard who is present overnight on 11th August. However, the Committee does not take any responsibility for damage or loss sustained to exhibits at any time.

10. Apart from the Under 13’s Creative Exhibit Class (Section G), all exhibits should be grown by the exhibitors themselves.

11. Commercial nursery entries will not be allowed, but prizes of vouchers from local nurseries are encouraged for their own marketing purposes (please contact the Secretary to get involved).

12. Any objection to the decision of the Judge/s should be made in writing to the Secretary on Show Day by 12 noon. The Judge/s will be informed, and a considered response given the same day. However, the Judge’s decision will be final.

13. Entries should not be removed before 4.30pm, in order that the displays remain intact for visitors. Any exhibits unclaimed after this time may be sold and the proceeds of the sale applied for the benefit of the Society.

Vegetables Classes (Section A)

  1. Potatoes, White. 1 dish of 4
  2. Potatoes, Coloured (other than white). 1 dish of 4
  3. Carrots, 1 dish of 3 tops trimmed to approx. 4cm
  4. Beetroot, 1 dish of 3, tops trimmed to approx. 5cm
  5. Caulifliower, 1 dish of 1, with roots attached
  6. Cabbage, Green. 1 dish of 1, with 6cm stalk and guard leaves attached
  7. Cabbage to Cut. Any Colour with 6cm stalk attached
  8. Lettuce, 1 dish of 1, as grown (roots washed)
  9. Tomatoes, Medium. 1 dish of 4
  10. A Truss of Tomatoes. (Ripening accepted)
  11. Peas, 9cm and under. 1 dish of 6 pods
  12. Peas, over 9cm. 1 dish of 6 pods
  13. Broad Beans. 1 dish of 6 pods
  14. Beans, Dwarf French. 1 dish of 6 pods
  15. Beans, Runner. 1 dish of 6 pods
  16. Sweetcorn. 1 dish of 2
  17. Courgettes. 1 dish of 3
  18. White Onions. 1 dish of 3, to be shown as grown with green tops and roots washed
  19. Red Onions. 1 dish of 3, to be shown as grown with green tops and roots washed
  20. 3 White or 3 Red dressed onions
  21. Shallots. 1 dish of 6 – same variety
  22. Cucumber. 1 dish of 1
  23. Herbs. 1 vase of 4 kinds
  24. A Basket of Vegetables. To be judged on produce quality, variety and visual impact
  25. Horizontal Tray of 5 kinds of Vegetables. Garnishing allowed.  Max size 60cm x 90cm (backboards not allowed)
  26. Knobbly/wonky vegetable – most impressive of any 1 kind

Fruit Classes (Section B)


  1. Rhubarb. 1 dish of 3 stalks with tops trimmed to approx. 5cm
  2. Gooseberries. 1 dish of 12
  3. Blackcurrants. 1 bunch with stalks
  4. Red or White Currants. 1 bunch with stalks
  5. Raspberries. 1 dish of 12 with stalks
  6. Blackberries. 1 dish of 12
  7. Loganberries. 1 dish of 12
  8. Blueberries. 1 dish of 12
  9. Apples, any in season. 1 dish of 3 – same variety
  10. Any stone fruit. 1 dish of 3 – same variety
  11. A Basket of Fruit. To be judged on produce quality, variety and visual impact
  12. Horizontal Tray of 5 kinds of Fruit. Garnishing allowed. Max size 60cm x 90cm (backboards not allowed)

Flower Class (Section C)

1. Any Flower. 3 stems, same variety. 1 vase
2. Decorative Dahlias. 1 vase of 3 (small)
3. Decorative Dahlias. 1 vase of 3 (medium or large)
4. Pompom Dahlias. 1 vase of 3
5. Cactus Dahlias. 1 vase of 3 (small)
6. Cactus Dahlias. 1 vase of 3 (medium or large)
7. Garden Dahlias. 1 vase of 3 (any variety)
8. Gladioli. 1 vase of 1 spike
9. Gladioli. 1 vase of 3 spikes
10. Calendula. 1 vase of 3 blooms
11. Dianthus (“Pinks”). 1 vase of 5 stems
12. French Marigolds. 1 bowl approx. 25cm diameter / 15cm height
13. Garden Flowers. 1 spike, bloom or spray in vase
14. Mixed Herbaceous Perennial Flowers. 1 vase
15. Mixed Annuals. 1 vase (Antirrhinums will be judged as annuals in this class)
16. Rose. Hybrid Tea with own foliage. 1 specimen
17. Roses. Floribunda. 1 vase with 1 stem (spray)
18. Sweet Peas. 1 vase of 5 stems

Plant Classes (Section D)

1. One Specimen Fuchsia Plant
2. One Specimen Begonia Plant
3. One Specimen Flower Plant (excluding Fuchsias & Begonias)
4. One Specimen Orchid Plant
5. One Specimen Bonsai Plant
6. One Small Succulent or Cactus Plant. (Pot less than 9cm diameter)
7. One Large Succulent or Cactus Plant. (Pot more than 9cm diameter)

Floral Art Classes (Section E)

All entries must be assembled on site on Friday 11th August (1pm-8.30pm – please use tables provided, not display areas).  Exhibits to be composed of natural plant material, with or without accessories, contained within a space/container as specified.  Background, bases, drapes, exhibit titles and mechanics may be included, but should not exceed the space allowed.  No artificial flowers or plants may be used.  Dried flowers and plant material can be used on their own or combined with fresh, as preferred, in any display.

1. “A Walk Around My Garden” – a wreath of seasonal flowers/plant material. Inner diameter approx. 30cm
2. “Summer Breeze” – an exhibit of natural plant materials. Space allowed 70cm x 70cm. Height unlimited
3. “Bountiful Blooms”– floral arrangement suitable for a table centrepiece decoration. Space allowed 70cm x 70cm
4. a) Lady’s spray
4. b) Gent’s buttonhole

Novice Classes (Section F)

For novice exhibitors who have never won three first prizes in any given class.

  1. One flower & One vegetable, any varieties allowed
  2. 3 kinds of vegetable, one of each kind
  3. A jug/vase of flowers

Under 13s Creative Exhibit Class (Section G)

For children 13 years and under – individual or group

  1. “Nutty Nature!” – create a picture / scene of your choice out of nuts and seeds (to fit on maximum A4 size sheet of paper or card)
  2. “Bee My Friend” – create a planter using flowers and natural plant material that will attract pollinators to your garden, in a re-purposed container. Maximum container size 30cm x 30cm
  3. “Super Scary Stunner!” – carved squash, melon, gourd or small pumpkin – the scarier the better!



Best In Show – all Vegetable Classes:

  The Andrew Collins Annual Memorial Salver

Best In Show – all Flower Classes:

Mrs S. E. Sykes, Rose Bowl

Best In Show – Floral Art:

The Horsfall Trophy

Perpetual Trophy for Members Points Competition: 

C. H. Lucas



We would like to thank all the local businesses and associations that supported us in 2022, with prizes, help in kind and more.  Further sponsors’ details will be shown in the tent on Show Day.

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If you wish to sponsor a prize at this year’s Show, please contact the Horticulture Secretary.

Also, a very special thank you to the many volunteers who have helped to make the Show possible.


Friday 11th August:  1.00pm – 8.30pm 

Exhibitors bring entry forms and exhibits to the Horticulture Tent (Savile Park, Halifax.  HX1 0HG).


Saturday 12th August:  Show Day

Exhibitors access to exhibits:  7.00am – 8.00am   No new entries accepted.
Judging:  8.00am onwards
Horticulture Tent open to the public:  9.00am
End of day sale of plants:  4.30pm – 5.00pm