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Summer livestock shows are in full swing again across the country. For all livestock exhibitors whether you are new to the show ring or returning after a two-year absence, biosecurity measures are extremely important as they are the first line of defence to preventing disease entering your farm and herd.

Listed below are some key biosecurity practices to reduce the risk of spreading diseases.

Before the Show

  • Work alongside your vet to implement a preventative health programme to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date
  • Keep show animals penned separately so that they can be quarantined before and after being away for a show
  • Ensure all equipment (buckets, boards and sticks, brushes etc.) are clean
  • Avoid travelling alongside other stock especially where the health status of the animals is unknown. If travelling with another farm is unavoidable keep animals separate in the trailer
  • Take the feed that the animals are accustomed to

At the Show Biosecurity Tips to Keep your Livestock Show Animals Healthy

  • Keep your distance and avoid nose to nose contact with other animals at the show
  • Keep your equipment, hands and footwear clean to avoid spreading bacteria
  • Avoid sharing feed, brushes, water and equipment etc. with other exhibitors
  • Know the signs of disease and observe show animals when returning from shows
  • Keep unused feed covered to avoid the risk of contamination
  • Avoid standing in manure. Disinfect your shoes. Do not take manure home on your feet

After the Show

  • Dispose of leftover bedding, hay and feed which you may have taken back from the show with you
  • Ensure that all equipment and clothing and the livestock trailer is properly washed and disinfected
  • Keep show stock isolated from other stock for a minimum of 21 days ideally 30 days
  • Avoid cross contamination with other stock on the farm and show animals which may be in isolation
  • Carefully monitor show animals for any signs of illness or disease